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Bracelet Tips

To keep your Bracelet longer, the following steps should be done and carefully respected :


  • Chemicals like perfume, cologne, cream can change, fade or stain your bracelet;
  • Before you put perfume or cologne we recommend covering your bracelet or taking it off until the spray has rested on your clothes;
  • We do not recommend wearing your bracelet while you wash your hands, shower or swim.


  • The quality of the string is one of the best on the market, nevertheless do not forget to consider it as a precious jewelry and refrain from stretching it as a mean to pass time while being bored at work or at school.
  • Whenever you feel tired and go to sleep, don't forget to take off your bracelet. And if you are too scared to lose it, don't worry we have plenty in stock it'll be a reason to get a new model. Honestly, who doesn't want a second MTLMake bracelet?


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